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Everyone has a risk of falling into poverty. This risk is called the shadow of poverty. This short film, made as part of a competition, is a snapshot of the life of a single mother who refuses to give up despite all odds and obstacles.


Yvonne Schadt: Stefanie Bock
Grandfather: Erwin Geisler
Child: Moritz Schnurr
Director: Marie Bagh
DoP: Benedikt Horst Pawils
1st AC: Ivo Siegler
2nd AC & gaffer: Henk Szanto
Set Photographer: Henk Szanto
Set audio: Jakob Wissmeier


Editing & Grading: Benedikt Horst Pawils
Sound design, score & mixing: Moritz Peter
Producer: Jakob Wissmeier
Screenplay: Moritz Licht