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30 tons in weight, more than ten meters in length and a turbine on the roof – a new vehicle ensures more safety at Chempark with immediate effect. The TULF – the abbreviation stands for Turbine Fire Truck – was ceremoniously put into service on November 7 at the site fire department’s station at the Chempark site in Leverkusen.
A commercial for Currenta.


Director: Benedikt Horst Pawils
DoP: Benedikt Horst Pawils
2nd Camera: Ivo Siegler
Set-Audio: Ivo Siegler, Frederic Lindemann
Drone: Benedikt Horst Pawils


Editing: Ivo Siegler, Benedikt Horst Pawils
Grading: Benedikt Horst Pawils
Sound Design: Moritz Peter
Voice Over: Emmanuel Zimmermann
Concept: Moritz Licht